Founded on June 19th, 2020, the National Pre-Health Community is a student-led organization dedicated to providing free and accessible educational resources, informational events and a support network to undergraduate students of any background who are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.

NPHC is a network created by students for students. Our founders understand the challenges of navigating the pre-health path when you are the first one in your family to do so or come from an underrepresented background. This is why NPHC strives to expose students to various career paths, teach students what it means to craft their own pre-health journey, and emphasize the importance of mentorships along each student’s road to professional school.

At NPHC, our mission is to inspire self-confidence into the next generation of healthcare professionals and we envision a world in which America’s healthcare system is comprised of professionals from all backgrounds.

NPHC provides a range of events and resources for students throughout the year. Our annual conference takes place virtually every August and includes a variety of guest speakers from all specialties of healthcare, a research exposition, interactive sessions, and special topics surrounding professional and personal growth.

Additionally, our monthly newsletter and social media platforms provide opportunities for students to continue learning about healthcare careers and pre-health resources all-year round.

Our discord virtual community provides an opportunity for students across the nation to connect with each other, share educational resources, and even study together.

Furthermore, NPHC is constantly implementing ways to expand our services, increase the impact of our initiatives and reach more students. In the future, we hope to host in-person events as well as additional programs that will allow us to continue carrying out our mission of helping pre-health dream big regardless of where they come from.